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Foxes Magazine scans and Cultured Mag photoshoot and interview

I added 15 scans to the gallery of Sophie in the current issue of Foxes Magazine. Click on the galelry link below to see all scans.

And Sophie is also featured in Cultured Mag’s Seven Gen Z Talents Standing Up for Their Generation

Sophie Thatcher
Actor and Artist, Age 21

Do you have a favorite set moment from Yellowjackets?

I strangely adored the mania and lunacy on set the first fewdays after the year-and-a-half break between the pilot and second episode. We shot all the plane crash sequences those first few days and bonded over the intensity of the content. There were very definitive breaks between laughter off-screen and screaming for your life on-screen.

How do you get into character? What did you like most about playing Natalie?

It depends on how I initially connect to the character, their circumstance and their setting. Natalie was easier to tap into because I felt emotionally connected to her off the bat. I even grew up on a lot of the music I’d imagine her listening to. If I were to do a more specific period piece with history I’m not well versed in, I’d do more thorough research. But with Natalie, it was about cultivating songs she would listento get into her headspace as she felt all her frustrations rise to the surface. I imagined certain music as her primary outlet and release.

Music seems to really drive your creativity.

Finding new music usually helps me get in the zone andout of my head. I constantly have headphones in. I’ll spend hours on YouTube trying to find new music from different channels I subscribe to. l look for an ambient album I can space out to and write or draw to for an hour or so. I also try to go on long walks to get out of my head or reflect. If that goes well, I’ll feel refreshed after and maybe ready to work on something.

Where do you hope to be when you’re 30?

I would like to have scored and directed my own movie by that age. I want to experiment more with directing, for sure. Hopefully, I’ll also be in a more satisfying place musically.

What is your song of the summer?

Anything by Royal Trux.

Source: culturedmag.com

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